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Adding a Mixpod Playlist to Wordpress.com

By : NGDlover


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There are a couple of things you need to do if you want your player to appear in your post since you cannot 'just' copy the code and paste it in your post. You can see the example in http://momonhome.wordpress.com , my playlist also available on this blog too. Here some steps you should do :

1. Create your playlist as you would normally do at MixPod
2. Save your playlist and press the get code button
3. next, choose the corresponding site where you want the code for, Wordpress is under OTHER SITES
4. a message will ask you to log in to your wordpress account, fill in, click POST
5. a new post has been published in your blog with the player in it, you can then either do the following:
- edit the player in HTML
- copy the code and post it in a textwidget in the side bar
- make the post sticky (change VISIBILITY in your PUBLISH window on the right when editing a post)

Now you whenever you want to change your tracklist, you just edit songs at mixpod and it will update itself in your blog post.

Of course you can copy the code from the post, then delete the post and paste the code into your text widget in the sidebar.

It also depends on what kind of player you picked when creating the playlist, there are smaller sized players and bigger sized ones.You can edit the size of the player shown, just change the HTML code, look for this in the code: style="visibility:visible; [gigya width="X" height="X"
where X is the value you choose yourself, please note that each player has minimum dimensions, if you enter a value lower than the minimum dimensions of the player it will just 'cut' off a part, for some it works.

Also, look for this code: autoplay=true
and change it into: autoplay=false
People hate it when they visit a page and some music starts playing automatically.

And lastly, you can delete anything that is not needed in the code, such as links, extra mixpod.com buttons etc. (unless you don't mind of course)

Source: starsquid (http://tpata.wordpress.com)


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