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About Japanese Supernote

Post by : NGDlover

Japan authorities are looking into the possible distribution of high-quality fake 10,000-yen notes in Manila.

This was after news reached Japan that a Filipino tried to slipl three fake 10,000-yen notes to a money changer in Manila in December 2008.

In its March 5 issue, the Mainichi Daily News quoted Japanese currency expert Tomohiko Endo as saying the newly discovered fake yen is “the highest quality counterfeits ever seen.”

Endo told the Mainichi daily that the notes are “several levels above” compared to those produced in North Korea and “go beyond the limits of commercial printing equipment.”

The currency expert told the paper that the counterfeit yen are “extremely high quality” and may be able to avoid detection by banks and “may be able to pass through ATMs.”

“It looks as though the Japanese Supernote has finally arrived,” Endo told the Mainichi paper.

The paper said the notes, at first glance, can pass as the real 10,000-yen note. It said the only distinguishable defects of the notes are the quality of the hologram and watermark.

Experts consulted by Mainichi said the fake yen notes are produced with a latest technology copier.

With the discovery, Japanese police are now on alert to prevent the notes from being smuggled into their country, the Mainichi daily said. notegolddiamond archives abs-cbnNEWS.com | 03/06/2009 3:40 PM


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